The design process is the most important stage of all gardens. The garden should reflect the property to create an extension of the indoor living space outdoors and to accommodate the people living in it.

We work very closely with the customer at  this stage to ensure that their requirements are met and all options for their needs have been explored.

Dimensional plans and drawings will give the customer a visual impression of what the space will look like before any works are carried out.

Planting plans allow us to play with different schemes and colour combinations to deliver the best results and create interest all through the year. Our plans take into consideration that soil conditions and light levels are different throughout the garden and let us situate plants and trees in the most suitable site and allow for growth and spread when maturing.

All of our designs are created with precise measurements and also provided in in 3d format to give an accurate view of the space before works start.









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Turf and lawn seeding




Water features


Raised planters

Shed bases

Small tree removal

Wildlife gardens



Timber structures.

We can provide an extensive range or build what you have already bought. These include:



Storage units

Summer houses

Play houses

Pet houses

Compost bins









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